This site has been created to help you collect Ecuador stamps.
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Click picture to download a free classic Ecuador
stamp album for the period 1865 to 1940.

Click picture to download a free Ecuador Timbres
Fiscales stamp album for the period 1881 to 1940.
Album created through the cooperation and courtesy of Juan Carlos
Gonzales Vintimilla, Cuenca, Ecuador.

Tired of Trying to Tell the Difference Between the Originals and the Fakes, Copies,
Forgeries, and Phonies for the 1865 to 1872 Imperforate Stamps: Learn the Difference!
Click picture to download a free 10 page document entitled: "How to Easily Identify the
Early Stamps of Ecuador 1865 to 1872"

How Many Pearls Does Your Un Real Stamp Have?
Click picture to learn about the Un Real stamps from 1865: "77 Pearls"

A few great links for Ecuador's beautiful stamps:

Blog de Asociacion Filatelica Ecuatoriana

Filatelic Club of Guayaquil, Ecuador


Timbres Generales I Parte 1881 - 1952

Timbres Generales II Parte 1953 - 1988

Timbres Especiales